Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buttons Galore

In a recent post I mention to add extra buttons for when reaching above calibrated max speed. It's added and works great! I've been playing with it for a while, and playing is now even better than before. Dead Island Riptide uses a button press to run, so, as I have added 3 buttons, you just pick the one that suits the game. In this case the second one in the list here:
  1. First button is pressed and hold down as long as you are ABOVE the calibrated max speed.
  2. Second button press when you CROSS this calibrated max speed threshold.
  3. Third button is a rapid pressing button when you are ABOVE the calibrated max speed. This one may need to be tested some more, as the speed between presses isn't tested in a game yet. Currently it's 200ms between button presses.

Playing this game I noticed that I'm missing one button that is handy. And that is to be able to kick in the game. I'm able to do pretty much everything else - change weapons, look at the map, upgrade the character and weapons, but still missing one or too that would be handy. The game has a handy popup menu system for some things, which enables me to hold down a button and select a weapon for instance. Or, hold another button and select from a few entries such as inventory or map. But, even with this, I'm missing some buttons. Note that a Nunchuck has 2 buttons, a game controller such as the XBox 360 one has 10+ buttons so...

Anyway, I thought hard about it, and figured, why not add functionality that enables me to use one button that can select what another button will trigger! How cool is that!? You map one button which will work as a button changer for another button. For the Wii Nunchuck I was thinking using the smaller top button as this selector, and the bigger one to trigger the button. Basically, the top button will loop through a set of buttons that the lower one will trigger. This might not be totally ideal, but this will enable so much more for a game. Sure, more button presses, but also more functionally. Also, as I have total control over the firmware, this will be additional buttons, so the 11 buttons I have now will be there. I will just add say 6 more for the 2 Nunchucks. I will add this and see how it goes. Main problem is that you need to remember which one is currently selected, but other than that, it should be quite useful. As long as it's not mapped to something "bad" it shouldn't be a problem, as you can just back out and select the one you wanted.

In the future it would be more handy with a popup menu or something for this, but it's a longer project. Anyway, it won't ruin anything I have so far, as you don't have to map the buttons to any of these new buttons if you don't want to use this functionality.

Anyway, it should be pretty easy to add, so, this is what I will do now. After this, I will test and record movies with me gaming using this!

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