Wednesday, September 12, 2012

oDesk - Treadgaming Firmware Improvements

I thought I would give oDesk a try. And what better than to improve the firmware that is making this project stall for too long?

I'm busy with other projects as well, so I thought, why not pay someone to help me getting this project out there?

Thing is, I really want to the first impression and the quality of this product to be amazing! Which is why I haven't started selling seriously yet. I want the initial firmware to be useful, but the raw motion data I currently get just don't want to play nice with me. So, I put this up:

And hopefully, there will be someone that can help me with the things needed to get up to par with the quality I want before I sell this.

I'm also working on that "Mouse add on", which will be put up on Thingiverse as well, so people can create their own "Open Source High-end Mouse".

I just want the starting point to be an easy one. Naturally, then I'm hoping for community improvements. :)