Sunday, April 15, 2012


Extruding chocolate isn't anything new, but it's something I've also thought of doing with my 3D printer. And lately, there have been more activity about extruding chocolate, so I thought I post about it.

First of, we have this super expensive deal:

which those that follow me and 3D printing know just feels like a rip-off. Sure, you supposedly get everything ready to print with chocolate, but £746.40 ($983) is just ridiculous. If you buy a RepRap printer you can just print a chocolate extruder part and print both plastic and chocolate with your printer. Although I'm sure you could replace the extruder here to print with plastic too.

There is even an excellent post about one here:

And on Thingiverse you can find: - Universal Paste Extruder for 3D printers - Chocolate Extruder - ultimaker syringe extruder II - Frostruder MK2

This is also an interesting read: