Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yep, more and more is popping up that relates to what I'm working on. Man, I should released this last year. Anyway, they highlight a lot on "exploration" and it's targeted to work on exercise bikes. That is nice, but why not gaming? Anyway, mine works with bicycles too. Hey, maybe I should look more into using Google Earth with mine too.. :) Actually, as mine will behave as a standard gamepad/joystick, I'm sure it's already possible, by using some software to navigate around with. Just launch such software, calibrate, and it's done...

More about it here:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

STEM System and PrioVR

Some new exciting Kickstarters popped up. Related to what I'm doing.

STEM System


Now, I'm backing the STEM system, as this would be something that I would like to have additionally for my project. Currently, I use a Wii Nunchuck (build-in support), and later I might do my own 3D printed version. The STEM system is obviously further along, and it might not be necessary for me to do that extra controller. I guess I will see further down the road. Might be interesting to do anyway, for the fun of it, and as it would be 3D printed too, it would mean people could change the design of it, just like the enclosure will be for the hardware I'm working with now. My extra controller will most likely be cheaper too. Anyway, it all depends how many are interested in what I'm doing now...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vector version of TreadGaming rev6RF PCB

I made this nice vector version so it can be used to explain what's on the board. Could possibly also be used for the Fritzing program. It's not completed yet, but I figured I show it anyway.

Nice huh? :)