Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Firmware Improvements - Behind The Scenes!

So, you might be wondering what progress is made since I hired the guy at Odesk? Well, here are some early photos from the guy himself:

And this is images from a few days ago:

Man, isn't that awesome!? Talk about dedication!

During the process, he send me the .hex file (compiled firmware), ready to flash on the device to use.

So, what I did was, flash mine with it, put it on my treadmill, and started recording the data that was send over serial connection. I first start walking for a while. Then I stop. And then I run/jog on the treadmill.

First firmware I got gave this result:

This isn't all bad, but not particularly good either, as it basically is the same kind of noisy data I got. Only difference here is the higher values.

Second firmware I got gave me this:

I have no idea what happened here (averaging too much?), but this is obviously bad. I did walk first, and run second, but they are at the same height and way too blocky...

Third firmware I got gave me this:

Wow! Look at that! I'm quite pleased with that result right there! Best I've gotten ever! Almost no noise at all, and seems quite stable!

And now, he is working on the "calibration mode" which will make it possible to teach the device what this data actually means!