Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Etch A Sketch" the "RunningMan"

I thought it could be fun to do something totally unnecessary, but fun using Fiverr.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Gadget Show - Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

Thanks to a comment here: Blender 2.60 Released! I became aware of what could be seen as my ultimate goal with this project I'm working on - but with more reasonable prices. So, everybody at home can experience it! He provided the teaser. Here is the complete version of a $650,000 setup:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Opendous Doing Some More Tests

Just an update about the tests Opendous have made so far.

Heat testing - As far as up to 50C - It still works

EMI Testing

Mouse working

Pin 15 Scoped

USB Communication Log

I did this last one myself a lot lately, using usbmon, Wireshark and vusb-analyzer. Great tools to examine USB communication between PC and device. Looking good so far!

The hardware really looks promising, and I was planing do a minor batch of around 10, so I have a few more to test with, and can send them out for others to review and test, before I do a major batch!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Opendous Doing Some Tests

Here is some of the progress Opendous have made so far:

Testing Upgrading the bootloader using UART:

Compiling, flashing, and debugging in Windows.

Debugging hardware using serial communication

Debugging using the nCS pin.

Successful UART output example

Debugging under Linux

I've also tested the UART serial communication using the Micropendous3 board I bought before, and using code Opendous have written for the board. It works! I really appreciate the help here, and there are more tests to come! For instance, EMI testing and test the board in -30C cold to 70C degrees heat...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I like to check what's out there, and I came across Gamercize. Interesting line-up of products they have. They also have same kind of bike, called "Endurance Cycle" like the one I bought ages ago here: Not bad pricing either really. Although shipping can add some, because of the weight.

Gamercize Pro-Sport Cycle and Gamercize Pro-Sport Stepper £139.90. Seems you can only pick one platform for it? So, either PS3, XBox360 or Wii... which is kinda bad... would be better if it worked on all platforms... or maybe it does?

One important thing to note here though, is that the device doesn't seem to be sending movement events, but only disable the controller when there is no activity. So, basically that means you can only play the game while using their device, but there is no mapping between the game and device. For a PC it can disable the mouse.