Monday, January 26, 2015

Kickstarter Campaign Successful!

What can I say... THANK YOU ALL BACKERS!

TreadGaming - Exercise while Playing Games -- Kicktraq Mini

More exciting things to come for sure!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Early Kickstarter Backer Testing TreadGaming on a Bike

One of the main reasons I wanted to post this on a crowdfunding site was to see what interest there would be in what I've created here.

From what I can tell from the Kickstarter campaign, is that there is interest out there! If I had less than 10 backers or so, then I would know there weren't enough interest in this.

However, having 60+ backers, that tells me this is something people like. And this is also confirmed by all the lovely emails I get from people. Thank you!

I even had one Norwegian Backer that took upon himself to rewrite the main information page on my Kickstarter campaign for me and then we worked together improving it.

I send one of the few ones I had left back home to him because he's been so helpfull and he has a bike. That way I could get some real feedback on this product I've created. And improve it based on that feedback. Here you can see it mounted on his bike:

He was very pleased with it. You can read more what he has to say about it here: