Thursday, March 13, 2014

"In Use" Teaser Renders


I've made these renders many months ago, and the idea is to make a small video of it eventually. These renders takes about 40 minutes to render per frame, so making the video clip takes a lot of time. Especially since it takes time to redo it and tweak it to my liking... Anyway, here are some renders of it and it also shows a vision of mine. It illustrates quite well the setup I have home as well. 

I have in the last week tested a lot, and made a few fixes in the code. I will put up more videos if it in action soon too. There is always something more I want to add to the code, as with testing I think of new things that would be nice to have. I try to avoid too much extra though, and keep things relevant.

For instance, since my PCB has this neat laser sensor, it would work superb as a USB encryption/decryption key or one time password generator such as the yubikey.  The sensor could work as a seed/salt generator as it can provide noise and random data. This is great in the encryption world.

Anyway, currently I'm adding a simple, but interesting functionality where, if you reach higher speeds than the calibrated max speed, it will trigger a button press. I might as well add 3 extra buttons, where one is pressed at this max threshold, the other is pressed and kept in while above the threshold and the third is pressed rapidly while above threshold. That way, one can decide what button to use depending on what game you play. Some games toggle walk/run on a button, others you have to hold the button and others you have to press the button rapidly to run.

Again, just some added useful functionality. It's especially handy to have in place when doing those demo videos, which is why I want to add it now! :)

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