Sunday, March 23, 2014

TreadGaming Dead Island Riptide Gameplay

Finally a new video demonstrating the possibilities with this project.

Here you can see that the "trigger button on faster speeds than calibrated max value" works quite well. Basically it means that for games that actually don't run when the analog forward movement is at max, there now are buttons which can be used if the game expects a button for the running. This game works like that. I have 3 different button scenarios. You can pick whatever depending on how the game works. This game does a button press to start running. And then again to stop. Other games might keep the button down and others expects a rapid pressing. I have support for them all (and adding more types is rather easy). So now, when I go faster than my calibrated value (which is at walking fast), it will press the run button, and he runs in the game.

There is a stamina meter, which now actually makes more sense to remove, as now the stamina is up to how long you are able to run before taking a breath. :

What I forgot to show here is ducking, jumping and flashlight, but that works as well. I might as well do a video showing that too...

It's kinda cool, because a swing of the right Nunchuck presses the "B" button, which in most cases means cancel. Up on the right Nunchuck presses "A" button. Works as "jump", which is why I mapped it there. It's also for "confirm" choices, so there it's more getting used to. Left and right on the left Nunchuck is strafe. Down on the left Nunchuck is ducking obviously. :)

Left Nuncuck is mapped to the new functionality I just added where I can cycle between buttons. Currently 3. So, the top button on the Nunchuck cycles through what the bottom button on the Nunchuck will simulate pressing in the game. Quite nifty, although it might take some getting used to. But, if you map it well, it's actually like the Nunchuck had more buttons! So, as shown at the end of the video, I have the "prepare to throw weapon", "kick" and "Select menu" mapped to it.

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