Sunday, June 15, 2014

TreadGaming Marketing Image

Since I'm sending a few emails to a few news sites, I created an image that I think sums this project up nicely. I need more, but I think it's a great starting point. Feel free to use this (or any other image) to show of my project.

Possibility to Subscribe to a Mailinglist

I added a quick "Subscribe" possibility on here to the right. It's meant for me to see the interest in this project, and the subscribers will know things before others. I will not give away the emails to anyone, because I value them more than that. It will also be handy to use to inform you guys when the crowdfounding will start, so you will know it before everybody else to be able to get the "early bird" deal.

I'm using MailChimp, where limit is currently 2000 subscribers. Shouldn't be a problem I think...

Also, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. How to do that should be in the email you get for subscribing.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

TreadGaming Firmware Flashing Utility

I thought I just post some screenshots of the simple tool that was created to ease flashing a new firmware. Screenshots are from Ubuntu, but is the same in Windows and on Mac OS too. This is not by any means the final version, I just wanted to put this out there.

Starting up screen. 

Connected. Now selecting the firmware...

Firmware is selected. Time to flash it...

Firmware flashing completed!