Sunday, January 15, 2012

Start of Mouse Add-On

I wanted to play around with the Kinect scaning something, and I also wanted to start with what will end up being a plastic add-on to the device so it can be used as a Open Source High End mouse!

My device is already ready to be a mouse. What is missing is the enclosure and some extra hardware for buttons and such.

So, I scanned my hand, ran it through MeshLab to clean it up/add more vertices to make it smoother. After some smoothing of the mesh in Blender, it ended up like this:

Note though that this is far from done. It would be nice to keep the mesh form as much as possible because it would be a perfect fit for my own hand. However, I guess I will smoothen it out more so it will fit others. The whole thing will be available for everybody later either way, if anyone wants to tweak it. Also, I need to modify it so it can be printable and make room for buttons. Still, it's quite cool to have this scanned object of my own hand! Saved me a lot of time as I don't have to create this from scratch. It is also more ergonomic! Furthermore, it is easy to mirror, so I end up having a left hand as well (for lefties).

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