Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Acceptable 3D Print!

Look at that people!

After A LOT of tweaking and testing, this is what I ended up with. Naturally, I'm not done yet, but I seem to have the basics down now!

This camera I used is better too apparently...

What you see there is a test rectangle made in OpenSCAD using this:

difference() {

cube([100,100,10], center = true);

cube([99, 99, 20], center = true);


.. and this is printed with 230C extruder, and heatbed at 80C. Red ABS plastic. The scaling for X and Y isn't proper yet, so that is next on the ToDo list... Z seems pretty correct. Measured 10.04mm on this one. X and Y here is 38mm... should have been around 100mm...

A BIG thanks goes to Rick, OhmEye, tommyc, Kliment, ScribbleJ, prusajr and everybody else in #makergearv2 and #reprap channel at FreeNode! Been hugely helpful and patient! I'm not done yet, but this sure is a great milestone!


  1. Well, thanks! And thanks for the help! (I updated post to include you too!) :)