Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EEVblog #592 - Mailbag - Treadgaming Featured

It took a while. I send this in early January, and he finally opened it. It's fine with me though. I went on a vacation in January, that is why I send it away then because I knew it would take a while for him to get to it.

Anyway, I want to personally thank David L. Jones for it! Great video! Understandable confusing at first. Mouse? Treadmill? What? But, in the end, he got it! Awesome!

I can also mention that the Wii Nunchuck pads on the back aren't supposed to be blank. They are suppose to be exposed, but I figured he won't use it with a Wii Nunchuck anyway. The firmware on it was only to use it as a mouse anyway so... It's easy to fix though. Just scrap of the plastic and expose the copper with a flat screw driver.


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