Sunday, October 27, 2013

Plotting Sneaking, Walking and Running

So, here is the promised video, with additional "Dead Zone" fix that we are currently working on. Plotted and recorded live, with me using the treadmill.

The green line shows the normal linear interpolation, while the blue shows a "Dead Zone" interpolation we are currently working on. The idea here is to increase the value quicker in the beginning, as normally controllers have a "Dead Zone" area, which basically is an area where the value is still too low to be considered useable (thought of being noise).

Max is 127, and here I sneak, then walk and finally run. I have also just before doing this calibrated the max to be me running, otherwise it would behave differently. Works perfectly. Sometimes there might be some odd jumps, but isn't noticeable in a game. Plot here reflects the quality of the firmware quite well though. :)

With the "Dead Zone" support, it's possible to indicate how many % of the beginning and by how much it's supposed to increase. This naturally needs to be tweaked, which what I'm currently doing. Might not be perfect for everybody, but I like having it available at least.

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