Sunday, November 17, 2013

TreadGaming - Dead Island: Riptide Demo

So, here is a video I've been wanting to do forever! Now the software quality is good enough to be able to show it off!

This is me doing a quick calibration, and then walking about, showing the quick responses even for slow speeds. Feels really intuitive!


  1. This is pretty awesome! About 3 years ago you commented on my treaddesk post. I've been checking back periodically to see how things have been coming along. Looks like you are still at it, I'm very glad to see that!

    When do I get to try it ;-)

    1. Wow, it's been 3 years since that? Crazy. Well, I'm glad you've been checking back here. I just can't let this project go, especially now when I've come this far! I had some down time last year, but since recent events, I just found more strength to work on this. And I find it really cool now with the latest updates (both hardware and software wise)! As you might see from the video it works quite well, so now I just don't see why I shouldn't at least try to put this project out there and let people decide if they want to play around with it as well. I figured, there must be more that find this worth their while.

      I've also made a "proof-of-concept" mouse that I will post about any day now. Just to show you can use this for other things. The whole thing is 3D printable, and works like regular one. Currently no scroll-wheel, but hey, maybe someone else want to add that to the design.. Anyway, main focus is the gaming and excising on the treadmill, so more about that later.

      When you get to try it? Well, I do have a few PCBs here that can be used. I do plan of sending a few away to suitable blogs, news sites and netcasts (podcasts).To get the word out. Then I will do some indiegogo/kickstarter thing was the plan.