Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 TreadGaming rev6_RF PCB's Have Arrived!

Man, this is so exciting! The brand new PCB's have arrived! Just take a look at these photos:

There was one annoying miss made, and that was that the Nunchuck pads on the back side weren't exposed! Luckly, I'm able to scrape of the covering plastic(?), and expose the copper layer. I have done that, and also adding my own thin solder to it. Works great! Obviously, this will be fixed for the possible next production run. No huge issue, thankfully. So far, this looks promising - programing it and turning on LEDs works as you can see here:

Nunchuck fits perfectly as well! I'm currently working on the enclosure for it, tweaking it to my liking and preparing it for the guy over at Odesk so he can finish up the firmware for this brand new improved hardware!

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