Monday, February 20, 2012

My Image Used In a TimeLapse Video

Well, seems my image with the parts taken on the table was used in the video here (it should even be the still image shown before playing the video):

RepRap MakerGear's 'Prusa Mendel' [Full Assembly TimeLapse] from Haas van Spaandonck on Vimeo.

I don't mind this though. Would have been nice with a heads up though... oh well...


  1. Oh my god dude, I'm so sorry.

    That's my video. I took like a quadrillion pictures of the build (as you can see from the timelapse)stored in the same directory as some pictures I took from the web earlier.This one ended up in there as well. Vimeo then choose to use that particular frame as the still.

    Is it cool if I change the still and credit you beneath the vid?

    My apologies and happy printing ;)

  2. Apology accepted. :)

    Hey, keep the still. Either works for me. I just think it's cool it's being used. :)