Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TreadGaming Black Enclosure

So, I've been working a lot on the enclosure, and I have had this kind of design for a while now. Since I received new PCB's with headers too, I updated the design. Basically, adding holes for the headers. So, so far I have done this (made in Blender of course):

I've used ABS plastic before, and now I decided to try using PLA instead. I basically used the same settings I used for ABS, and just changed a few parameters. It ended up not bad, but still needs some tweaking. Anyway, here are some photos of the 3d print. Note also that the camera really sucks at close ups, and I was seriously thinking investing in a better one...

Base and Lid with PCB inside base:

Closer image of base, lid and PCB inside base.

Enclosure assembled with PCB inside.

So, it's a quite perfect fit! What is missing though is a hole for the smaller header, which I will add next. Also, the LED's are harder to shine through black, so I'm not sure what to do about that. Using white color for the plastic naturally solves that, but would be nice to be able to use black too... I will probably add holes for it or something.

In the end though, I will probably have a few different enclosures one can choose from, depending on what one want to do with the device. For instance, I was also thinking making a "mouse" add-on plastic part where this will transform into a mouse, fitting nicely into one's hand...

Oh, and also, I will probably add some logo on there somewhere. And maybe experiment with some other designs, as I have almost reached the practical goal, where the enclosure is finished enough to be useful. That includes distance from lens to surface, headers available, and the lid good enough to stay in place... Also, I was thinking adding stripes or something so it will be easy to use strings to tighten the whole thing onto whatever surface one want to use.

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