Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 TreadGaming PCB's Have Arrived!

So, 10 new TreadGaming PCB's arrived the other day! This time around, I let them solder the headers and the ADNS-9500 too! What also is new, is the updated silkscreen, where I moved a few names around for easier read and larger text. The buttons with the "Reset" and "HWB" are now more easier to read. I hooked one up, uploaded my current firmware, and it worked!

A Box of 10


Sorry, the camera sucks at close-up.

MyRO PCB was little slower this time around, and late about 1 week. However, I'm not really in a rush. I got it all really nice wrapped up, so a lot of care taken there. Also, I got 2 calendars with both Canadian and Chinese red days marked on it...


  1. When do we get to test? :D

  2. Hey,

    Well, I did this small batch just for this reason where those interested could get one and play around with. And some I would probably send to a few netcasts (such as Giz Wiz on the network) or some other tech coverage blog/news/magazine.

    So, if you are serious about testing one, tell me.

  3. I should add though that I'm working on the enclosure, and that the firmware isn't done yet. Although, what I do have works quite well and is a good starting point. The firmware talks to the sensor no problem.