Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I like to check what's out there, and I came across Gamercize. Interesting line-up of products they have. They also have same kind of bike, called "Endurance Cycle" like the one I bought ages ago here: http://www.pcgamerbike.com/PCGBMini.php. Not bad pricing either really. Although shipping can add some, because of the weight.

Gamercize Pro-Sport Cycle and Gamercize Pro-Sport Stepper £139.90. Seems you can only pick one platform for it? So, either PS3, XBox360 or Wii... which is kinda bad... would be better if it worked on all platforms... or maybe it does?

One important thing to note here though, is that the device doesn't seem to be sending movement events, but only disable the controller when there is no activity. So, basically that means you can only play the game while using their device, but there is no mapping between the game and device. For a PC it can disable the mouse.

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