Saturday, February 12, 2011

PCBs - When you want to save time

This is what dropped in my mail the other day. Thanks to the guys at, I now have this board. Yes, been busy creating this layout based on what I've done by hand before. With this, I can just add the components and get this:

And guess what, IT WORKS! Man, does that feel good! The layout made saves me huge amount of time. Because of this, I'm seriously thinking replacing the components with surface mount ones and even let it be assembled where they create the board!

Now I'm wondering, Why didn't I do this earlier! Instead of investing in rotary tools etc...

I was planing doing PCB boards later, when it was more finished, but there exists good services out there that can do this for alright prices... so, why not start doing it already... That way, I will also have a product that I can test and when it is "perfect", sell it for others interested in buying it. That is, actually develop on what I will sell directly, instead of doing it twice...


  1. Hi Friends,

    PCB is very important when you want save time. It is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated on to a non conductive substrate. Thanks a lot!

  2. Well, having spend too many hours on building a prototype (check earlier posts), this is a huge time-saver. I don't have to wire the connections myself, but only add the components. That saves a lot of time. Add to that if something doesn't work, and that you triple check the wiring.

  3. With the increasing popularity of smaller, more complex technologies, flexible PCBs are gaining more attention and a larger share of market demand.These are essential for such products as cell phones, security devices, medical equipment, and other products that take up less space and have more range of use. This saves you time as well as delivering a ready-made, cost-effective solution. Thanks a lot.